How to make professional profile pics for linkedIn in under 15 mins

Wheather you are a working professional or a student, having a linkedin profile is essential these days. It helps you network with people, find potential employers or collaborators. It is a platform which is meant to help us professionally.

As they say, lot of times a first impression is the last impression. This is as much true for linkedin as any other social media platforms out there. So having a good first impression is of outmost importance.

One of the most important ways you can have a great first impression is by uploading a professional looking profile photo to your linkedin profile page. Since most of the time a potential recruiter ,hire or a collegue may be looking at the photo only before they visit your profile. A good and professional photo can get your connection requests accepted and gives an impression of a professional person.

There are many ways you can create that much needed photo of yours. Here is one of them which is completely free and can be done in the comfort of your home within 5 minutes.

1: Wear clean and professional looking clothes:

Preferably a coat with a tie. Make sure the dress is clean and properly ironed to give a professional feel to it.

2: Make sure the room is properly lit. Prefer as much natural light as possible.

Natural light reduces intense shadows and glares thus making your face look more even. Make sure the place or room that you will be shooting is properly lit. A poorly lit image where details of your face are not visible can make all your efforts go in vain.

3: Tell a friend to click an image with a smartphone

Yes that is right. with the modern capabilities of smartphones you don’t need a dslr anymore to take a professional looking photo. just make sure the image is stable and in focus and not shaky. Ensuring that will complete this step.

4: Go to , upload your photo and get the background removed

A good professional portfolio photo comes with a white or gray background that enhances the look of the photo and puts the focus on your face rather than the background. It also removes any unwanted items from the background . You can get your photo processed here in just few clicks.

5: Choose a background of your choice and download the photo:

You can choose pure white or a slightly gray background for your photo.This gives the photo a clean look.

That’s it. Using these 5 steps you can easily create a professional looking linkedIn profile photo in under 15 mins. You can use the same technique for other social media platforms as well.