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upscale pics

This online tool adds details to your images to make them look more ... awesome!

Maybe you want to print a photo you clicked on your last birthday, or you want to set a cropped part of a group photo as your profile picture, or you run an online store and just want to improve the quality of your photos... as revenue depends on your photo quality. In any case, when you try to zoom your photos, you see them either get pixelated or getting blurred! well, that's

~Debangshu Paul
upscale pics

How current Non- AI Algorithms loses the battle with Pixelation?

We have already met our old friend pixelation in the previous blog. By now, we also know Pixelation is more of a guess game. When you enlarge image, lets say NxN image to an MxM image. So, we have an extra M2 - N2... pixels to be guessed.

~Anuj Agrawal
upscale pics

How to use upscalepics?

Let us see how we can enhance our image using upscalepics. If you are confused about any aspect of upscalepics then you are in the right place.

~Anuj Agrawal