‘When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade’ ~Anonymous

This is a good time for retailers/e-commerce sellers to take a step back and analyse their selling effort. Make an advantages and disadvantages list of the activities involving your shop and closely analyse the present emergency to figure out how much it will influence your business.

It’s also high time to try different things with something new or advanced for your store which includes upgrading resources, investigating and debugging issues, and a lot more.

upscalepics website losding speed

1.Optimise your website’s speed

Speed is everything in the present world. With vast resources available online, attention span is low. A user /potential client will leave your site if the page stacking time is more than 3–4 seconds. So now is a nice time to work on optimising the pages of your website. Since you’ve got the time, you can optimise these pages by eliminating all the issues of the website.You can optimise the images of your store for faster loading time. Check this out for any help. Reduce unwanted resources e.t.c.

upscalepics store development

2.Store Development

Store development cannot be done constantly by sellers. So on the off chance you can do so now and improve your business sales.

Here is a list of platforms you can develop your store on.

Open-source Platforms

Saas-Based platforms

upscalepics consultation

3.Get Consultation from eCommerce experts

Now is the best time for sellers and retailers to plan. What most ideal approach to do as such than to consult an eCommerce master who can guide you through the live scenario of sales and clients. You can truly get some genuine advice on how to strengthen and prepare your store for the things to come.

upscalepics maintainence

4.Website Maintenance

If there are any bugs on your website or you want to add some new features in your selling campaign, now is a nice time to do so. If you have an existing plan then implement it and if you don’t have one, then make it.

What are the major site maintenance you can work on?

  • Fix urgent issues and critical bugs fast.
  • Update your inventory to keep your site current.
  • Inclusion of any new feature you want to have.
  • Add new 3rd party extensions
  • Personalized customizations

upscalepics seo

5.A Complete Website SEO Audit

As we all know — an SEO audit is the process of examining the Search Engine Result Page presence (SERP) or the web presence of your store’s website. In simple words, it’s a performance metric of your website which provides an analysis of how your website is performing in terms of your online presence and visibility on search engines. The major tools used for the Website SEO audit include SEMrush, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, etc.

  1. Strengthen your PPC marketing campaign with Google Adwords, Facebook ads e.t.c.
  2. Plan Content Marketing Campaign like writing blogs e.t.c.
  3. Create content optimization for different marketplaces

Sellers from over the globe are facing an extremely hard time trying to cope up with the damage done by this COVID-19. In any case, as we say that each cloud has a silver lining, these troublesome times can be turned into possibilities. Potential outcomes to do corrects that you probably been considering actualizing for quite a while, however, couldn’t execute because of other pressing concerns.

This online tool adds details to your images...

Have you ever dealt with low resolution images and do not know how to get them right? If yes then this article is just for you.

Maybe you want to print a photo you clicked on your last birthday, or you want to set a cropped part of a group photo as your profile picture, or you run an online store and just want to improve the quality of your product photos as sales and in turn revenue depends on the image quality.

In any case, when you need to see your images in high resolution or big screen or zoom in into them as is often the case, you see them either get pixelated or getting blurred. Right?

Well, that's normal …

You may think, as the details of your images get spread out as you zoom into it. The details in your image is simply not there. You can not get something out of nothing. True but partially. What if we could guess that information? and guess it accurately enough so that we can pretty much recover the original information…

5 points on why you need background removal...

Product photography is highly effective for marketing your products. After all your photo is in most of the cases the first and only point of contact of the customers with the product.It has great potential in getting you your valuable customers.

We are visual creatures. A professional photograph will create a deep and lasting impact on the viewer and naturally prompt the viewer to buy the product. Below are a few reasons why background removal is so important in photography.

1. The Visual Impact

We are visual creatures. Research shows that we tend to remember 85% of what we see and only 15% of what we read . This clearly demonstrates the power of great images to stay in the minds of people and create an impact. Backgrounds affect the images deeply, they are responsible for creating a contrast to the image and enhance the perceptual quality of the images. Hence, background removal can do a lot to enhance the quality of an image.

2. Usability of an Image

Removing the unwanted background of an image will help the image look much better. A neutral/white background is way better when it comes to publicising the product since it has least impact of the visual perception of the product.

3. Focal Point

If there is a significantly dominant background, it will naturally create a distraction to the viewer. This will also make the picture lose its focal point. which is the main aim of product photography.

4. Remove Undesired Items or Objects in the image

Sometimes an unwanted object or item might have entered the frame accidentally. This may not match the theme of the image or the visual impact desired. Hence, it is important to carry out background removal while editing the image.

5. Add Elements or shadows

Sometimes, it is essential to add an interesting and complimentary element or effects like shadow to the image. This makes a huge difference in the visual impact created. Before adding any new background it is essential to remove the original background.

Thus background removal is an essential aspect of product photography. And cannot be ignored by any serious product photographer.You can give it a try here.