This online tool adds details to your images to make them look more awesome!

Have you ever dealt with low resolution images and do not know how to get them right? If yes then this article is just for you.

Maybe you want to print a photo you clicked on your last birthday, or you want to set a cropped part of a group photo as your profile picture, or you run an online store and just want to improve the quality of your product photos as sales and in turn revenue depends on the image quality.

In any case, when you need to see your images in high resolution or big screen or zoom in into them as is often the case, you see them either get pixelated or getting blurred. Right?

Well, that's normal …

You may think, as the details of your images get spread out as you zoom into it. The details in your image is simply not there. You can not get something out of nothing. True but partially. What if we could guess that information? and guess it accurately enough so that we can pretty much recover the original information…

Well, it turns out that a breed of Artificially intelligent algorithms can do that. These are called GANs.The image above is a demonstration of what a GAN can do.

These are specially trained AI algorithms…

that have “seen” enough of the world and can therefore very correctly guess a high-resolution image when you provide them with a low-resolution image. Thus they enhance your images with stunning results. You can never get this kind of details by normal photoshop based methods as they cannot add extra information, they just add some filters to the existing information of your images and tinker with the information and details already present in your image.

Pretty awesome right! But wait…….what do I use it for?

You may ask. The answer is pretty much for anything. Whether you want to print your photos (which will require a decent resolution for a reasonable size photo) or you just want to set your profile pic, or as stated earlier, you want to sell online. Pictures are of paramount importance and can give a sufficient boost to sales as no customer would like to buy products with low level of details in the product images.

A good vs a bad picture…

Just think of it, whether we are shopping online, reading a newspaper article or searching for a date, images are our first and in most cases only point of contact with the outside world. The difference between a good picture and a bad picture could mean the difference between a done deal and a canceled one. So having better pictures taken as a pro will definitely give yourself a boost, both financially and otherwise.

But where can I get the benefit of such technology?…you ask.

There are quite a few online tools available out there, like:

A)Lets enhance


C) Bigjpg

D) deep-image

Your image will be passed through their neural network and extra details will be added depending on the resolution that you have set! There are few offline paid tools too like Topaz Labs. You have to download their software and it runs on your computer.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to do things that you have never imagined possible before. Not only super-resolution you can also get coloring images from black and white ones. Also removing image background with a single click is very much possible.

You may start hiring an AI ….

To do your image editing tasks (as with countless other tasks) rather than a human within sometime. The future looks exciting to me with the advent of these technologies. Let me know your thoughts.