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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the image enhancement work?

We have trained our neural network using thousands of real world images. When it sees a low resolution image, it predicts the corresponding high resolution image with a very high accuracy, thus adding extra information to your image.
This is IMPOSSIBLE to do using normal photoshop or filtering techniques since they inherently dont add any information to your image. Thus our AI approach clearly gives much better results thus enhancing your image to a large extent.

Does it improve the tone of my image?

Yes it does. It not only adds extra details to your images and improve texture, but also the tone of the image to make them more professional looking.

How about JPEG compression artifacts? does it remove those?

Yes it does. Our AI powered neural network has automatic JPEG compression detector which detects the compressions automatically and removes them as needed.

How much does it cost?

It is absolutely free up to 4x zoom. Beyond that there is a small amount charged but that comes with lots of premium features like batch mode(multiple images at a time) and also access to our video enhancement neural network

How about speed?

We care about the speed of our products as much as we care about the quality. We deliver the fastest algorithms in the market.You can enhance a 100s of images within few minutes which is not possible with other softwares of this kind.
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